A foundation for the future.

When it comes to helping our neighborhoods and community thrive, we will always be stronger when we work together. The same holds true when it comes to raising the funds necessary to do that work. A cooperation between three local settlement houses— Community Place of Rochester, Charles Settlement House, and Baden Street Settlement—the Settlement Houses of Rochester Foundation was created to be a fundraising arm for all three houses, allowing each to retain their autonomy and provide an even more comprehensive range of valuable, neighborhood-based programs.

Resources that make a difference

Each of our settlement houses offers similar programs designed to identify and reinforce the strengths of youth, families, and seniors based on the needs of the individual neighborhood. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Family & Housing Services—provide assistance for families in meeting basic needs such as food, housing and clothing.
  • Job Preparation—teach skill development for joining the workforce. 
  • Youth Services—empower and equip youth with life skills, knowledge and training through various clubs, activities, and programs. 
  • The Learning Center—offer individuals the opportunity to earn their High School Equivalency degree.
  • Early Childhood programs—provide universal Pre-K, child care, and classes/opportunities/resources for home child care providers.
  • Disability Services—support individuals in the neighborhood who have developmental disabilities, and their families/caregivers. 
  • Aging Services—provide case management, the Senior Center, and Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs to support older adults promoting wellness and independence.

Our Mission

The Settlement Houses of Rochester Foundation will be the catalyst for transformation in Rochester’s most challenged neighborhoods.  We will generate unprecedented awareness of and trust in Rochester’s Settlement Houses, leading to a groundswell of desire to invest time, money and resources in a movement and approach that transforms lives by reducing poverty, increasing job opportunities and strengthening families.  Because of this investment, the work of Rochester’s Settlement Houses will benefit our community for generations to come.  And, because of this investment, individuals in Rochester, regardless of circumstance of birth, will have the opportunity to do what makes them happy and productive, allowing them to create prosperity for their families and neighborhoods.

Board of Directors

  • Ron Thomas, President
  • Scott Benjamin, Treasurer
  • Barbara Hoffman
  • Steve Smith
  • Molly Mesko
  • Jeff Clark
  • John Olsan
  • Andrew Burke