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Syreeta Knight - Baden Street Settlement House, Emergency Family Services

Syreeta Knight - Baden Street Settlement House, Emergency Family Services

Shortly after moving to Rochester, Syreeta Knight and her two young sons suffered the loss of her sister. Spending everything she had to go and grieve with family in NYC, Syreeta returned to Rochester only to find she had lost both her furniture and apartment. 

After a brief stay in a bed-bug infested hotel, Knight knew she had to come up with plan to change the circumstances for her and her children. Referred by a friend, Syreeta reached out the Emergency Family Services at Baden Street Settlement House for help. 

Not only did the settlement house place Syreeta is a comfortable hotel, Baden Street Settlement House subsequently helped Syreeta to find a place she could call home.

The settlement house staff quickly focused on building a long-stemming relationship with Knight—even offering her car rides to work each morning. 

To ensure Syreeta was well adjusted in her new home, she received a home visit from the Executive Director of the Baden Street Settlement House providing her with a gift card to help her stock her kitchen pantry.